Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still New Year's Eve Eve 2010

so, i thought of a number four resolution: actually decorate for hallowe'en and christmas.  christmas decorations will include outside lights on the house - preferably the drippy lights like the jones'.  this will require scott's assistance.

5 is to get evan socks that have rubber words or something on them ... he's just slipped on the floor (he shouldn't have been running away).

i'm still waiting for the motorolla software to install just to get pics for the prev blog WAIT, WAIT /// this sux!! verizon ... boo.  ie window pops up and starts talking.  you know, that was rude - very rude.
so close and yet so far away ...

New Year's Eve Eve 2010

ah ... finally home relaxing.  my son has been wearing the same shirt for the past three days (ew) and my husband has worn the same shirt for the past two days (another ew).  although dyl is dressed, he's in pj's and has been in pj's for the past three days.  he even went out to eat in pj's w/sneakers.

happy new years everyone!!  2011 ... gonna be a great year :-)  i'll be one more step closer to getting a degree.  thirteen's my lucky number, so i'd like my degree to be earned by then.  thank you, scott, so much for making that possible.  there's no way i could have done it without you.  143.

we've had so much fun meeting everyone down at the gun club.  here's a cpl pics from this year:

i gotta get one with jess :-)

my new year's resolution is to get another tattoo :-)  speaking of which, penny, did you post any pics of your tat?  have fun in arizona!

dyl and ev are the best kids in the world.  another resolution this year is that dyl have a job starting in the summer.  that hyundai will rust before he drives it not helping with the insurance (a phone call i am dreading).  third resolution is that evan loses his very wiggly baby tooth.  i strongly believe this actually could be done before 2011 ... so, i may need a backup three.

okay, backup three is to increase sales at work to get full-time benefits back.  ugh - enuff said.

hmm, i'll stick with 3.