Thursday, January 14, 2010

Penny's Santa Hat ... Not

Apparently, I can't follow the author's instructions for knitting this masterpiece Penny wore on The Big Bang Theory in December (check it out here).  I waited so long to create this using just the right yarn and just the right needles and ... I goofed it up.  Yeah well.  I'll see what it looks like continuing my oopsy and perhaps try again - the right way - if I have enuff red yarn left over.

Here's how I'm knitting it to now ...

Begin with white yarn
CO 74 over 3 dpns
Rnds 1-7: k1p1 ribbing
Rnd 8: k
Switch to red yarn
Rnd 9: k
Rnds 10-12: k14, p1, k6, p1, k18, p1, k6, p1, k26
Rnd 13: k14, p1, c6b, p1, k18, p1, c6f, p1, k26
Repeat rnds 10-13 9x


  1. *hugs for the masterpiece comment* Your hat turned out gorgeous! Please blog if you try the circular needles for this. I don't use them, myself, cause I'm insane, but I know I'm in a minority.

  2. i used addi circs on this ... eesh, i just saw your comment (almost a year later).

    my son, dylan, loves this hat and wears it all winter long.