Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chia Madagascar Marty :: Day 1

Evan is the proud owner of a Chia Madagascar Marty he got from Santa this past Christmas.  Today, we soaked and painted the Chia seeds over Marty.

Instructions were easy enough.  All you hafta do is soak the pottery in water for an hour according to one set of instructions which came in the box.  The other set of instructions said to soak the pottery for 24 hours.  Since we wanted to start it today, we decided to go with an hour soak time :-)  While the pottery soaks, you mix 2 teaspoons of Chia seeds with 1/4 cup water.  In hind sight, that is too much.  We have plenty of leftover seeds for another round or two of Chia plant mane for Madagascar Marty after this one is removed (about 4-6 weeks).  Next time, I think we'll use only 1 teaspoon of Chia seeds and 1/8 cup of water.

After an hour, the Chia seed and water mixture gets gooey enough to slather on the pottery.  Kinda messy, but easy to wipe up.  Evan wasn't too fond of it when it would get on his hands.  We used a spoon first and knife second.
Day 1


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