Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Wearing - Tale of Two Carriers: Moby Wrap and Ergobaby

Baby Wearing - Tale of Two Carriers: Moby Wrap and Ergobaby

It was once easy for me to carry my baby ... when my first child was born, I was only 19 and very full of energy. Even with my second child 9 years later, I still had the ability to carry him around like it was nothing. Now, 10 years later, my back simply can't handle more than 5 minutes. To boot, my third child, a baby girl, loves for us to walk around while carrying her ... just loves for Mommy or Daddy to walk around with her much to our aching backs' disagreement.
With age also comes wisdom and knowledge. I've learned baby wearing also helps sooth fussy babies with warmth and heartbeat - which, my little girl can be very fussy at times. Furthermore, since I am breastfeeding, baby wearing has been known to help maintain my milk supply. I can also see how the closeness of the baby to me helps in development and interacting with others.
With this, I've chosen to baby wear and have found two carriers which help tremendously. My baby wearing experience is only a few weeks old and so far has been completely enjoyable.

Moby Wrap Official Website

Moby Wrap UV - Almond Blossom
The Moby Wrap is a 15 foot cloth wrapped around your body in such a manner that you can safely tuck your child inside the wraps in the front (as shown), on your hip, or on your back. Of course, written and picture instructions are included with the wrap and on their website; however, many find the video easiest to learn how to use the wrap (also on the website link above).
I only use the Moby Wrap at home. It's long and I can foresee it being near impossible to put on without it dragging all over a dirty floor at the grocery store or elsewhere. Plus, skin-to-skin baby wearing is ideal in this wrap. It's so soft, too. I purchased this from for $48.49 which is a small sale price at the time of this post as it normally retails for $55.95.

Ergobaby Official Website

Ergobaby Carrier - Night Sky
The Ergobaby carrier is sturdy, well-designed, and extremely comfortable. Once the waist strap is adjusted, only a few steps are needed to safely have your baby in tow. Those with long hair beware of the shoulder harness buckle ... it's in the perfect place to grab some of your hair.
I've used this carrier inside and out. It's perfect anywhere and so easy to wear.
Watch out for counterfeits! I purchased mine from an authorized retailer, for $120.00. They really never go on sale and any retailer coupon I've seen excludes Ergobaby from the discount.

If I had to choose between the two, I wouldn't. They both are extraordinary carriers and worth every penny spent on them.