Friday, September 17, 2010

Kutztown University Campus in Google Maps

I've created a map on Google Maps having all the buildings on Kutztown University's campus listed here: map.  This is great for those Androids out there on campus using Google Maps.  Please note, you have to link this map in your own Google Maps first ... I've made it public.  In Google Maps, just go into your Maps->Layers->More Layers->My Maps, select this map and you will able to layer your current location with this map.  I've even labeled the parking lots!  All are welcome to use and let others know about this - especially if you find it useful.  If you would like to volunteer to collaborate, just drop me a line.  I was gonna post an official wish for this on the "Suggestions" board in our Online Services prior to creating the it in Google Maps.  Also, please let me know of any errors ... my reference was Kutztown U's .pdf of the campus in a different direction than what I was working with online.


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