Saturday, August 31, 2013

DIY :: Breast Pads

finished product this tutorial

made 4 pair so far ... one pair using a serger with four layers of flannel and three pair using double overlock on a sewing machine with three layers of flannel and one layer of anti-pill fleece

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY :: Pack 'n Play Sheet Pattern/Tutorial

Here's how I made a couple sheets for a Graco Pack 'n Play ...


Materials (for one sheet)


1. Fold the fabric lengthwise and width-wise.

2. Measure and cut a 3-1/2" square from the corner (when unfolded, each corner will have a square cut out).

3. Pin and sew each corner right sides together. I used a 4-thread overlock with 
integrated safety seam on my serger; however, a straight stitch on a sewing machine will do.

4. Serge or zig zag stitch around the edges to prevent fraying when laundering.

5. Iron over 3/4".

6. Mark a stopping and starting point about 1" apart. I used flower head pins.

7. On a sewing machine, straight stitch about 1/4" from edge (for me, this was along the serged stitch) from the start marker to the stop marker leaving about a 1" gap to insert the elastic.

8. "Thread" the elastic through the opening. I've seen some use safety pins, bodkin needles, etc. I haven't had much luck with safety pins and do not own a bodkin needle ... so I improvised and used a bobby pin. To use a bobby pin, simply cut a teeny, tiny slit in the elastic about an inch back to thread the bobby pin, like so.

9. Now that the elastic has been threaded, zig zag stitch the two ends together.

10. Straight stitch over the gap to enclose the elastic.

Viola! Done!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rug Hooking ... From Paper to Linen

Draw and Transfer a Pattern onto Foundation Cloth for Rug Hooking

First, draw a pattern on a piece of paper. I start with pencil (better to erase mistakes) and retrace in a dark colored Sharpie. For larger patterns, I use wrapping paper ... the kind that has a one inch grid on the back makes for measuring much easier if you know ahead of time how large your canvas is.

Second, I retrace the pattern with pencil onto Red Dot Tracing Material. To do this, simply place the tracing material on top of the pattern. I corner tape both the pattern and tracing material to hold them steady while I trace.

Third, I replace the pattern with a piece of Foundation Cloth ... my favorite is Dorr Linen. Then, with a dark colored Sharpie, again retrace the pattern. The Sharpie will bleed through the Tracing Material and onto the Foundation Cloth. Do make sure the Sharpie is good and new - otherwise, the pattern will transfer too light or not at all.

Lastly, I do one more trace-over with the Sharpie to make sure I will have no issues seeing the lines on my Puritan Frame (purchased at Homespun Woolens).

I recently dyed a couple yards of wool just for this project :) Should definitely keep me busy 'til the baby's born :)

Pattern inspired by an area rug first found on Pinterest and later tracked down here.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY :: Toilet Paper Roll Package / Envelope / Container

Toilet Paper Roll Package / Envelope / Container

Whatcha Need:

Toilet Paper Roll
7" x 6-1/2" Fabric Piece
Foam / Sponge Brush
Stapler & Staples (not shown)

Step 1: Using the foam brush, apply Mod Podge liberally to a section of the toilet paper roll and press fabric onto freshly applied section. Then, continue to "paint" the Mod Podge on the fabric as you roll it to where the fabric was first applied. You will have about 1" fabric extending from either end of the toilet paper roll ... don't worry, we'll get to that later. Set dry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 2: Fold under the fabric on either end. You may choose to Mod Podge the folded in fabric; however, it's not necessary (don't forget to dry before continuing). Pinch one end of the roll together and staple. You may have to bend the staple prongs if your stapler doesn't do it for you. Now is the time to place things inside!! After things are all inside that you want, pinch the other end and staple *in the opposite direction* (see pictures).

I'm using this one for a Bath & Body Works PocketBac to be sent in the mail ... so, I applied address labels.