Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rug Hooking ... From Paper to Linen

Draw and Transfer a Pattern onto Foundation Cloth for Rug Hooking

First, draw a pattern on a piece of paper. I start with pencil (better to erase mistakes) and retrace in a dark colored Sharpie. For larger patterns, I use wrapping paper ... the kind that has a one inch grid on the back makes for measuring much easier if you know ahead of time how large your canvas is.

Second, I retrace the pattern with pencil onto Red Dot Tracing Material. To do this, simply place the tracing material on top of the pattern. I corner tape both the pattern and tracing material to hold them steady while I trace.

Third, I replace the pattern with a piece of Foundation Cloth ... my favorite is Dorr Linen. Then, with a dark colored Sharpie, again retrace the pattern. The Sharpie will bleed through the Tracing Material and onto the Foundation Cloth. Do make sure the Sharpie is good and new - otherwise, the pattern will transfer too light or not at all.

Lastly, I do one more trace-over with the Sharpie to make sure I will have no issues seeing the lines on my Puritan Frame (purchased at Homespun Woolens).

I recently dyed a couple yards of wool just for this project :) Should definitely keep me busy 'til the baby's born :)

Pattern inspired by an area rug first found on Pinterest and later tracked down here.

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