Monday, February 14, 2011 ... Assholes

i purchased a shirt for my son, dylan, from back in december ... the shirt was kinda expensive (it was merely a t-shirt) and i bought the "wrong" kind (according to dyl). the shirt was supposed to be a "black ops" shirt - from the video game. i bought a different "black ops" shirt; it was the kinda black ops that has nothing to do with the video game.

anyhoo, during checkout, i swear i unchecked the box to be on thier mailing list. first of all, i think it's kinda cheezy to have it marked by default to begin with (illegal in some states, if not all). yet, i rec'd spam/junk/crap/garbage marketing email from them anyway. i replied "unsubscribe" a bunch of times and also unsubscribed via the web.

oh yeah, on top of all that crap, this company had a coupon. just like i unmarked the box for subscribing to their shitty mailer, i entered the coupon code to expedite shipping for the same price as standard ($8ish bucks... for a freaking t-shirt). low and behold, i saw no evidence of the coupon on my confirmation. i quickly emailed the company after my order and the bastards didn't get back to me for two days. at that point, the order had shipped and their lame-ass response to applying the coupon was that they couldn't and that i should've in checkout (um, duh, i did).

do yourself a favor and NEVER go shopping there.

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