Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shake, roll, drop ... di(c)e sounds

knowing that a bunny sound currently in my dice game program isn't gonna cut it ... i looked far and wide 'round the 'net and found nothing i liked ... sooooooo, i created my own.

what i used: TapeMachine installed on droid xaudacity installed on a laptop, 2 yards of quilting fabric, dining room table and a Yahtzee game that has some memories ...
yahtzee game box top
love this pic!  not the only game we "dated".  i recognize that one in bold - craig :)
the oldest one - November 12, 1996
well ... maybe the game got slow or something ... nice origami game made from a score sheet.
more yahtzee score sheet artwork
oldie but a goodie ... haven't seen this guy in forever ... scott's bff back in the day
yahtzee cup
got a little side-tracked ... needed a pick-me-up :)

enjoy!  pls gimme credit if you use them ~ a linkback is all i ask :)

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