Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KareDan Farming Initiative Experience

So, I purchased a wonderful yarn from KareDan Farming Initiative when they were at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this past Summer/Fall ... and I use it in my latest project Hogwarts Express ... and what happens??? Of course, I ran outta yarn. Totally my fault, I know.

I contacted KareDan Farming Initiative via FaceBook and they ask me send them a snippet ... which I do ... and hear nothing for a while.

What do I do? I contact them. I contacted them every so often - not pesty-like either. Each time, I got a different excuse with a tinge of annoyance until the final response which also included a ton of condescending undertones. Check it out ...

Really?!?!? All ya had to do was say "no". This place strung me along for months saying they could spin up more of this yarn and then got bitchy with me? Damn it.

Bad, bad, bad.

I guess I'll either go on a wild goose chase for compatible yarn to finish Hogwarts Express or make a new one with different yarn (making sure to have enough of it, too).

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  1. oh, just a side note ... the thread on facebook began in mid-december ... about two months ago. they'd say stuff like "next week" or "after such-n-such". very sad.