Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Make Baby Applesauce in a Baby Food Steamer/Processor

Making baby food isn't as hard as you think! A few simple steps using a Baby Food Maker is all it takes!

This may be TMI, but my baby was very regular ... until we introduced cereal. One ounce of breast milk and a tablespoon or so of oatmeal cereal for supper changed all that. It scared me. Is she constipated? Is this normal? She's had cereal for a while now, so ... it's time for something new. I had all intentions of introducing veggies next, but applesauce seems like a good thing to help "move things along". So, without further adieu, here's how I made applesauce!

First, you'll need some supplies/ingredients.
125 ml water 
3 small apples or 2 medium apples 
ice cube tray 

  1. Peel, core, and cut up the apples into 1/2" pieces. 

  2. Place apples into Baby Food Maker food compartment. 
  3. Pour 125 ml water into the water compartment of the Baby Food Maker. 
  4. Set the Baby Food Maker to steam (takes about 20 minutes). 
  5. Once the apples have been steamed, puree the apples. 

Viola! Homemade baby applesauce. I served my daughter about 1 ounce and froze the rest in an ice cube tray. The next day, I removed the applesauce cubes and put them in a labelled freezer bag for later. Remember, once you thaw any baby food, do not refreeze.

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