Wednesday, June 22, 2011

how to empty a trash container

there may be a time when you have a trash can in your home which is completely full and needs to be emptied to collect future disposables. if you ever wondered how to empty a trash container, you've come to the right place!

full trash container
materials needed

  • full trash container (with or without lid)
  • replacement trash bag
  • lysol (optional)
  • couple minutes

step-by-step instructions
  1. if applicable, remove the lid from the trash container to access the bag.
  2. grab the top bag which is currently in the trash container and pull in an upward motion to separate the bag from the trash container. handles or drawstrings may be present which may help in grabbing the bag.
  3. once the bag has been completely removed from the trash container, close the top of the bag. the trash bag used in this demonstration is closed using a drawstring.
    closing the trash bag using drawstring
    emptied trash container with replacement bags for quick access
  4. (optional) spray trash container with lysol to kill any germs and to eliminate odor.
  5. place the replacement trash bag into the empty trash container. to ensure the bag remains in place, pull the top part of the bag over the trash can.
    replacement trash bag
    trash bag placed in trash container
  6. if applicable, wipe the lid clean and place on top of trash container.
    empty trash container with lid
viola! you've successfully changed the trash container and it is ready to be filled once again! congratulations!

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