Wednesday, June 22, 2011

message for dylan

i certainly hope you fed the dog
if you plan on having me pick you up from matt's or nina's later today, certain things must be done.

in the house: 1. dishes - dishwasher and sink(s) must be completely empty and clean. this can be accomplished by taking all of the dishes from the sink(s) and loading them in the dishwasher. then, start the load and after it is complete, unload the dishes making sure each dish is clean and placed in its proper area. after the sink(s) are dish-free, simply take ajax or soft scrub and a sponge and wipe the sink(s) and drain(s) with the scratchy part of the sponge and rinse. 2. wash/towels - there is a wash basket full of towels intentionally placed next to the computer you use to game with in the dining room so that you are "reminded" to put them away. bath towels: fold each towel in half the short way and then in half the long way and roll the towel up. there should be an example in the linen cupboard in the hallway if you are unsure how to properly fold the bath towels. wash clothes: fold in half twice and neatly stack on a pile - like pancakes. hand towels: same as wash clothes. bed sheets: do the best you can - we understand they are a bit tricky to fold by yourself. once the towels have been folded, place each towel in its proper location in the linen cupboard. 3. more wash - take *all* of the dirty wash down to the washer and dryer. you should have an empty wash basket after you take care of the towels. empty the dirty wash in the basement with all of the other wash. if the dryer has laundry in it, remove the laundry from the dryer and place it in the once again empty wash basket to bring upstairs. if there is no laundry in the dryer, just leave the empty basket for later. if there is laundry in the washer, this is important, *smell* the wet wash. if it's kinda rank from being ignored in the washer, just add another capful of laundry detergent and wash it again. the water temp should be cold and the load capacity should be max. if there is laundry in the washer and it smells wonderful, put it in the dryer.  make sure the lint trap has been cleaned out of the dryer and a dryer sheet is included in each load of laundry you dry. we have a smart dryer, so all you need do to start the dryer after the laundry and dryer sheet have been added to the dryer with a clean lint trap on the "cotton" setting. if there is no laundry in the dryer, just keep the basket downstairs and lemme know later when i get home ... i'll start a new load. 4. dog hair tumbleweeds -  first sweep the kitchen and dining room area with a broom.  the broom is located outside the garage door on the left side of the door. then, either run the roomba or vacuum.  our vacuum cleaner sucks and is on its last leg and the roomba requires periodic de-hairing since our dog sheds so much. also, the roomba may run outta oomph to do the living room, dining room and kitchen.  if this happens, use the crappy vacuum cleaner to get the spots it missed. 5. dog - sometime throughout the day, preferrably afternoonish, leave the dog out to pee and poop. she should have food and water in her dishes before you go anywhere.

additional chores will be added as neccessary. remember, you are to also have the yard mowed no later than thursday. when mowing the lawn, make sure to get as close as possible to bushes, trees, shrubs, swing sets, etc.

i nor dad will pick you and any other friends, girlfriends, etc. from anywhere today if these things are not completed and to our satisfaction.  chintzy work will not be accepted and is considered incomplete; hence, no ride will be given.

you are to respond to this message to let me know you've rec'd it. if after 30 mins i receive no response, i will assume you did not get the message and post the chore information on your facebook page. if still there is no response, i will call you at home and go from there.

oh, and one more thing i just remembered ... empty the trash from the trash container in the kitchen and bring the garbage bag to the front of the yard where the mailbox is for garabage pick-up tomorrow morning. if the trash bin is stinky, spray lysol in the can before putting in a new trash bag liner. all of the trash by the weeping cherry tree and the coca-cola ice box must be placed by the mailbox for garbage pick-up tomorrow morning -- except the mattress, air conditioner, metal frame, spare subaru tire and any other much-too-large-for-trash-pick-up items.

still waiting for your reply ...

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