Thursday, June 16, 2011

monsters, zombies, children's books, oh my

in reading modg, i found out about much more pungent children's books simply by feeding google "shut the f up and go to bed" - which auto-completed after the first three words (including 'f' as a word ... i began typing fuck, but google decided 'f' would suffice) to the entire title of the book.  now, this only happens on my phone ... trying the identical thing on my laptop in chrome does far from the same.

doosy ... but i wish i wrote this one, too.  "monsters eat whiny children".  touche!

i later found myself on staring at yet another new app i had to install on my phone and the main prize for actually finding this gem on the 'net.  but alas!  amazon audio is simply not for me.  my hubby did a one upper on me tonight and not only found the same audio ... found you tube stuff, too.  i <3 you, samuel l. jackson!

omg, there is a facebook page for this shit.  modg, you created ripples throughout the internet world :)

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