Saturday, June 11, 2011

leg warmers, thunderstorms, my dog and dual survivor

almost done with the knitted leg warmers i've been working on - well one of them.

i <3 thunderstorms ... but only if they are loud, have lots of lightening and preferably both; however, the one and only thing i heard was a small thunder.  the "storm" musta hit north or south of us.

i walked zoe before the storm and took some video of her ... awesome dog!

this guy on dual survivor should seriously consider wearing shoes.  really.  shoes are kewl.  there's a reason why someone invented them many years ago (no one knows for sure).  in any event, they work, they protect your feet and there's no medal or reward for not wearing them and hoofing through think jungle with all kinds of crap to get stuck in your foot or feet.  these guys have knives but one doesn't have shoes?  wtf?  i'd trade shoes for a knife anyday in the freaking jungle.

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